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The Program

Although it is not widely known to students and the public, the ancient Greek philosophers had made a number of accurate astronomical measurements and created successful models in an effort to describe the wonders of the Cosmos. With the power of the human mind they carried out reasonable estimates of the sizes of the earth, the moon and the sun and the distances of the sun and moon from the earth.

This project's aim is two-fold.

  • Firstly it aims at bringing this knowledge to the secondary education students, who, by carrying out these measurements, will appreciate how an innovative mind can explore the universe from our little planet. The students will carry on exploring the universe beyond the earth, moon and sun and by analysing their observations will evolve their knowledge on the universe and change any alternative ideas held to the scientific accepted ones.
  • Secondly, it is this project's aim to support these students in reaching out the community and spread this knowledge to the public so that everyone can realize that the cosmos is not far out of reach but is within everybody's grasp to explore even from their own backyard, as the Ancient Greek astronomers did.

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