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Spreading the word: Open observation night for the public

During the Nea Zichni 2013 cultural festivities we organized an evening dedicated to astronomy called Astrowalk and held an open observing night for the public.

teaming up with Astropyli Serron

We provided our school telescope and Astropyli, a club of amateur astronomers from Serres joined in with three more telescopes! So we had a whole range of telescopes from 5 to 25 cm diameter and people eager to use them!.

observing at the event

Unfortunately the sky was a little bit cloudy but this did not discourage us. We were observing the Moon and Saturn whenever they were coming out of the clouds like playing hide and seek with them!

the Moon hiding behind clouds

And we were able to shoot very nice pictures of the Moon, too!!!

the Moon at first quarter photographed with our equipment

We even obtained spectacular high magnification pictures of the surface of the Moon with our school equipment!

the Moon's surface in detail as seen by our telescope

It was a very successfull and exciting evening for everybody!


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