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The ADMire project is incorporated in the context of the Spring Term course of the Greek curriculum called "Project" of the 2nd grade Lyceum students. Within this course the 16-year-old students will learn the fundamental elements of earth and sky motion, will restore any misconceptions inherited by their surroundings, will carry out measurements of the sizes of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun and their distances and will make observations of the sun at normal class hours and sky observations at evening sessions.

The students will then present their techniques and findings at a series of lectures and workshops to the students of the other schools of the district. Similar presentations will be carried out by the students and invited university experts to the local community during the local cultural festivities in the summer of 2013. These students will therefore act as multipliers for the students in the neighbouring schools and the local community.

Astronomy project classes will continue in the Fall Term 2013 when the students will expand their knowledge beyond the local neighbourhood by carrying out observations and astrophotography of the wonders of the Cosmos around us. The equipment used for this project will also enable the students of the coming classes to repeat and expand the measurements and observations of this year's class.

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